Medicare Advantage Plans: The Good and the Bad

The Good:


1: You can easily pack your health-care benefits inside a single plan.


Quite a few Advantage plans cover your hospital and doctors insurance along with prescription drugs. Also, these plans feature their individual deductibles, & co-pays.


2: Coverage for Vision, Gym, Hearing and Dental services


As we’re already familiar with, Medicare simply pays for medically essential health-care for dental, hearing & vision. Most Medicare Advantage coverages pay for the above services at an additional price. Also, they can cover stuff like glasses, dental fillings & hearing aids.


3: Rules are less stricter


As opposed to a Medigap or Medicare Supplement plan, any senior above the age of 65 can participate in a Medicare Advantage policy without having to prove they’re healthy.


After a period of 6 months, Medigap plans may ask the enrollee about their various pre-existing health conditions. Based upon your particular scenario they might charge a person more or reject to offer any type of coverage. You won’t need to worry about any rejection when it comes to Medicare Advantage Plans.


The Bad:


1: Network restrictions


The Advantage plan primarily acts similar to PPO’s or HMOs. As opposed to Normal Medicare where a person can visit any hospital or doctor who accepts Medicare, Advantage coverage requires a person to only see a doctor or hospital within the network of the program.


2: They change every year

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Due to how these plans are regulated, you can see changes in such coverages more often. Specifically, in some areas, you can see the Advantage plan dropping health-care expert & health-care expert dropping the Advantage plan. This might add a lot of frustration to policyholders since the moment the relationship between insurance agency & the doctor ends, you’ll have to find another doctor who might cover your insurance.


3: Maximum out-of-pocket expenses can be high on most plans


The maximum out-of-pocket expenses can be $6,700 for most Advantage Plans. Thus, they might quickly empty your savings when you fall sick.


As listed above, there are a number of things which you may want to take into account before making your final choice. So, it is essential for you to know exactly what your requirements are and consult with an expert who can help you locate the best plan based on your current financial state.