Services That Medicare Does & Does Not Cover

Services Covered by Medicare:

  1. Therapy

Although Medicare does cover physical, speech & occupational therapy, we saw them covered up-to a particular amount only. But, not long ago, Medicare has raised the capital amount on therapy & now you can expect them to pay a bigger amount.

  1. Chemotherapy

Very few individuals are aware of this, however, chemotherapy can be covered by Part B Medicare. As chemotherapy need to be administered by health-care experts, it’s covered under Part B & not the prescription coverage.

  1. Preventative Services

You can see some preventative services which are a component of the Affordable Care Act. A person needs to pay nothing for taking advantage of these services as long as they’re in line with the guidelines.

The services include:

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Different cancer screening tests

Screenings of Cardiovascular disease

Glaucoma exams


Diabetes screening (a person can participate in up-to two screenings per year)

Obesity counseling & screening


  1. Limited Travel to a foreign country:

Medicare may cover medically essential ambulance transportation if a person is in a foreign hospital provided he/she requires admission to a medically essential service covered under part A Medicare. So although Medicare might pay for certain services outside the country, most of them won’t be covered. So, it’s best to know exactly what is covered by Medicare and what’s not prior to traveling overseas.

Services Not Covered by Medicare:

  1. Chiropractic Care

Although, if essential, manipulation of the spine might be covered by Medicare to correct your spine in case the bone changes its position. But, you’ll need to pay for other tests or services suggested by the chiropractor (for example massage therapy and X-rays).

  1. Cancer screenings That Are Too Frequent

For instance, Medicare compensates for 1 clinical breast examination every 2 years. If a woman is at greater risk for vaginal or cervical cancer, Medicare will pay for these screenings on a yearly basis.

Note: Most physicians overlook this rule, thus whenever they suggest you a screening during each of your yearly visits, you’ll need to cover the additional exams.

  1. Services available at particular health-care providers:

Though Medicare pays for medically essential services, it won’t cover treatment from a particular hospital or doctors.

  1. Vision, hearing & dental:

Neither Medicare nor Medicare Supplement Plan pays for medically essential vision, hearing & dental services. But, it won’t cover vision, hearing & dental services that are non-essential (including annual check-ups, eye-wear, hearing aids & dental fillings). You might want to consider Medicare Advantage coverages for these.