Will My Medicare Cover Mammogram Screenings?


Mammogram screenings can be very crucial for women, particularly after the age of 40. Mammograms capture x-ray images of a woman’s breast for checking the signs of breast cancer, if any. Mammograms although might not fight breast cancer, however, they help save lives by identifying the signs of cancer to the earliest.


Identifying breast cancer in its early stages with this test also means that a lot of women who are being diagnosed can avoid mastectomy. If caught in its initial stages, it is possible to eliminate localized cancerous cells without requiring mastectomy (removal of breasts).


Mammograms: Things to Remember:


  1. Can be a lifesaver. Identifying the signs of cancer in its early stage can minimize the odds of death by 25% to 30% (sometimes even more).


  1. Since the test doesn’t take much time, it can be completed quite quickly without much discomfort.


  1. The screening is proven to be safe with a very minimal amount of exposure to mammogram radiation.


The screening can be quite expensive, hence women above the age of 65 who are eligible for Medicare should know if Medicare will cover the costs of this exam and if yes, how much will they need to pay out of their pocket.


Does Medicare Cover Mammogram Screenings?


Yes. Medicare not only covers the screenings but also offers the annual exam at no cost whatsoever. But women requiring a diagnostic mammogram will need to pay twenty percent of the final cost. Talking of the exact amount, it can be difficult to answer since every healthcare provider offering diagnostic mammograms is free to charge their own price.


Will My Medigap Pay for Mammogram Tests?


Medicare Supplement Plans can pay for the remaining twenty percent that is not covered under Original Medicare.


Part B copays, coinsurance & deductible can be covered by Plan F & C. This way, you won’t need to pay any additional amount besides your monthly premium for Supplemental coverage. Be sure to compare the Medicare Supplement plans parallelly to know which one covers copays & coinsurance for Medicare Part B.


Will My Medicare Advantage Plan Cover Mammogram Screenings?

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No. Mammograms won’t be covered by Medicare Advantage Plan. Although you’ll still be able to take the free preventive test; since MA plans aren’t standardized, it becomes your responsibility to research how each insurance company covers diagnostic mammogram tests. Although everything covered by the Original Medicare will be covered by MA plan, still the pricing may vary from one insurance company to other.